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STATUS: Consults are temporarily paused as I focus on preparing lessons for the Fall classes at Swatches Academy.

When preparation is complete I'll open dates as I have availability.

Mentorship Consultation

Mentorship Consultation

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How can I help you?

I'm Clint Cearley, professional illustrator and art educator. Trained in both traditional and digital media, I've worked on over 100 projects with major companies including Wizards of the Coast, Applibot, Scholastic, Blizzard, Valve, and more. I've produced educational art materials on character design, lighting, colors, composition, the painting process, and many others topics (available here).

"I did the 1-on-1 art consultation with Clint a couple weeks ago and found it VERY inspiring and helpful...I can already tell how much I got out of that. I fully recommend this to you guys that are serious about getting better." -consultee

Clint's Artwork


You set the subject for the consult. Common subjects include a portfolio review, strategizing art direction in the industry, and troubleshooting a difficult or important image. There is a series of questions to fill out during the booking process that will aid me in understanding the issues to address before the session.

The hour consult session will be you and me on a Zoom video session. We'll begin with a discussion of the issues being addressed, then move into screen-sharing Photoshop to discuss and paint-over images as needed.

Sessions are not recorded from my side but you are free to record them if you wish. If you don't, I do advise having pen and paper on hand to take notes.

As these are video consults, you'll need a microphone, streaming sufficient internet, and be able to speak English moderately well. You are encouraged to have and use a webcam but it is not imperative.

NOTE: These hour consults are for occasional check-ins, advice, and image reviews; not for ongoing teaching mentorship. I will not be creating a long-term custom education plan for you, nor will the consults be used to provide feedback to other educator's classes. If you need on-going structured teaching and feedback then register for one of my 8-week classes at Swatches Academy.

"Just wanted to say I did a private consult with Clint last week. I highly recommend it! He is a great teacher. Will do it again."


Sometimes you just need some feedback


Follow the button to set a time, answer basic questions and process payment ($95/hr).

Before you book, are you sure it's a consult you need?

If you're wanting on-going teaching and feedback, registering for a class is a better option. Learn about my available classes here.

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